Trà Đá Chats

Hello and xin chào mọi người!
Trà Đá Chats is your infotainment program from Hà Nội Community Radio. On this show, host Julia Behrens invites her favorite Vietnam scholars and researchers to share their insights into the fascinating country which is Vietnam. And they will also bring their favorite tunes!
Grab an ice tea, a plastic stool and join us for our monthly conversations! 


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Higlights of the show include but are not limited to:

Episode 1

In the very first episode of Trà Đá Chats, Julia invited Phi Hong Su to talk about the history of the Vietnamese diaspora in Germany, interviews gone sideways and the recent anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States.


Episode 2

In the second episode, Julia talks to Mai Ngà about changes in Tây Hồ in the last 20 years and why European migration policies and media coverage says more about Europe itself than about actual migration stories. She brings some traditional and modern Vietnamese music with her.


Episode 6

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are city full of surprises. In the 6th episode of Trà Đá Chats, anthropologist Erik Harms shares some stories about surprises he has encountered throughout his research in HCMC. He speaks about tucked away places, how temporality changes the way of living in Vietnam and also what it means and does not mean to do research as a US-American in Vietnam.


Episode 7

Have you ever visited Vinh City? Why not? In the 7th episode of Trà Đá Chats, Christina Schwenkel tells us why this place is really worth a visit – from the roots of Uncle Ho, over the manifestation of Socialist Relationships in East German architecture to the new privatization of a city.


Episode 10

Giang Nguyen-Thu is a researcher, an educator and a mother. She takes us to the interlinkage of all of these roles in the 10th episode of Trà Đá Chats as she gives some fascinating insights on television and media in Vietnam.